Artwork 206: Aotearoatanga hollow flag


© Jose D. Pérezgonzález. All rights reserved.

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Title Aotearoatanga hollow flag
Artwork 206th artwork (painting) by Jose D. Pérezgonzález
Date 13th December 2010
Type object (flag)
Support unstretched canvas, 510gsm (15oz) premium cotton duck by The Canvas Company, WH 50x25cm (20"x10")
Format irregular
Display free-standing, as a flag1
Dynamism static
Media acrylics, Winsor & Newton's Artists' Acrylic
Style brush painting
Code NZ/005-024/245-100

…The Aotearoatanga hollow flag is the hollow version of the Aotearoatanga flag (especially if adopted as a national flag). The hollow flag is a "negative protest" version of the Aotearoatanga flag, flown to denounce wrongs, such as lack of democracy, corruption, abuses, etc. It represents the nation as a "hollow" one.
…The flag is based on the Aotearoatanga (national) flag. However, its background is plain white, representing the "emptiness" of the nation. The background of the Southern Cross stars is hollow (either cut off or, for more practical reasons, simply black), but the stars have an outer blue-violet outline. The violet outline represents the background colour of the flag, which outlines the starts. (The white space between the outline and the inner hollow space are also kept in order to emphasize the hollowness of the stars). The hollow version is thus different from the white version only in the way the Southern Cross is rendered.
…The Aotearoatanga hollow flag is a flag of protest and, thus, it is not opposed to the national flag. Both can be flown together. Unlike the national flag, though, the hollow flag makes more evident that it is a protest flag. It does so by changing the background colour to white (representing the "lack of the national colours and attached meanings" of the national flag) without necessarily loosing the identification of the flag as eminently Aotearoatanga (thus, the outline and hollowness of the stars). The flag could be flown to denounce corruption, lack of freedom, lack of peace, etc, within or beyond the national borders, and directed towards the country.
…Also, because the hollow flag is eminently a "negative protest" flag, it can also be flown together with the white flag, but it should not be confused with it. The hollow flag protests a wrong while the white flag claims a right. Both are not the same, but many times when a wrong is denounced, a right to amend the wrong is typically claimed too; thus, flying both together is not necessarily counter-intuitive.
…Finally, the hollow flag should not be flown as a "mourning" flag (although it could be flown to protest the causes of the death for which mourning is held!).
Global village
Great masters
Hue -blue
Hue -violet
Tone -darks
-whites *
21st century
Structure *
Single *
Series *
Realistic *2

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© Jose D. Pérezgonzález. All rights reserved.