This theme depicts art where dark is the predominant tone. The basic hues I used for darks are either the darkest hues applied thickly or, preferably, mixes of the darkest paints. Less often, I may use black pigments.

Paints most favoured Relative use1 Notes
PB15:1 - phthalocyanine blue (red shade) frequently Somehow replaced ultramarine blue in 2010
PB29 - ultramarine blue rarely More frequently in artworks prior to 2010
PBr7 - burnt umber medium Especially for skin colours
PBr7 - raw umber rarely
PV19 - permanent rose frequently
PG7 / PG36 - phthalocyanine green rarely
PBk31 - Perylene green specific projects Projects benefiting from a dark green. Late 2010 onwards.
Payne's gray specific projects Late 2010 onwards. I may also use it to darken some colours, simply to finish off the paint left over.

List of darks artworks