Dynamism (degree of)

My artworks allow for different degree of manipulation by the viewer, some allowing you to interact with the artwork to create a more personalized view, or to prevent routine. There are three degrees of manipulation or interplay:

Static artworks
These artworks cannot be manipulated or altered, and thus, offer a unique and fixed view. Artwork-169-web.jpg
Semi-dynamic artworks
These artworks are static "upfront" but have a dynamic factor underlying them (e.g. books, where only one page is visible at any one time but pages can be turned over to present a different view).
Dynamic artworks
These artworks can be easily manipulated or altered in order to find a different arrangement.
Four-views Four-view artworks do not have an established up or down, right or left. Thus, the viewer can rotate the artwork up to 3600 for getting a more pleasant view. Four-view artworks can be single pieces or compositions (e.g. puzzles). Artwork-159-web1.jpg
Puzzles Puzzles are compositions of two or more pieces where the different pieces can be re-arranged so as to create a more personalized artwork for the viewer. Puzzles can be one-view, two-views or four-views, depending whether the individual pieces can also be rotated as well as re-arranged. Artwork-132-140-web1.jpg