Media refers to the type of medium used in the artwork, including paint, mediums and so on. For paintings, I normally use acrylic paint, although I have occasionally used mixed media (eg acrylic paint, pencil and ink).

Acrylics, artists grade It is the main medium I use for my paintings. In 2006 I decided to graduate to artists grade paints and opted for Winsor & Newton's Finity Artists' Acrylic Colour and have continued using it since. In 2009, these paints were re-branded as Winsor & Newton's Artists Acrylic, after a change in the acrylic formulation and the discontinuation of the previous one.
Acrylics, students grade Prior to, but also for some of the earliest artworks made in 2006, I used Daler-Rowney’s System-3, a students grade, yet good quality, acrylic paint. I abandoned this brand when I upgraded to the artists grade.