These are artworks that can be considered a series; that is, similar artworks with somewhat different treatment between them (as different from unique artworks). Many series artwork may also be displayed as a composition, although they are not a composition per se (i.e. they do not gain or lose in meaning or perceptual integrity whether displayed as single units or as compositions).

List of series artworks

Artwork 072: Don Quijote (EGC) - Parte I
Artwork 073: Don Quixote (KME) - Volume I
Artwork 074: KME "The Southwest Airlines Way"
Artwork 078: Journal KAI 2006
Artwork 087: Brown tiles
Artwork 094: The BNI 2007, Issue 1
Artwork 095: Journal KAI 2007, Issue 1
Artwork 096: The BNI 2007, Issue 2
Artwork 112-117: Additive primaries exercise (I to VI)
Artwork 118: Additive fashion I, green-purple
Artwork 119: Additive fashion II, green-red
Artwork 120: Additive fashion III, yellow-blue
Artwork 121: Additive fashion IV, yellow-purple
Artwork 122: Additive fashion V, blue-red
Artwork 123: Additive fashion VI, blue-orange
Artwork 129: There are angels (I)
Artwork 130: There are angels (II)
Artwork 157: Darks and white (I)
Artwork 158: Darks and white (II)
Artwork 159: Darks and white (III)
Artwork 164: Red qipao
Artwork 165: Blue qipao
Artwork 166: Yellow qipao
Artwork 167: Green qipao
Artwork 181: Green tiles
Artwork 182: Violet tiles
Artwork 183: Orange tiles
Artwork 186: A pattern of blue, orange and white (study 1)
Artwork 187: A pattern of blue, orange and white (study 2)
Artwork 188: A pattern of blue, orange and white (study 3)
Artwork 190: Māori tiles
Artwork 200: New Zealand republican flag (study 1)
Artwork 201: New Zealand republican flag (study 2)
Artwork 202: New Zealand republican flag (study 3)
Artwork 203: Aotearoatanga flag
Artwork 204: Aotearoatanga mourning flag
Artwork 205: Aotearoatanga white flag
Artwork 206: Aotearoatanga hollow flag
Artwork 207: Aotearoatanga war flag
Artwork 219 - U.S.A.'s hollow flag
Artwork 220 - U.S.A.'s white flag
Artwork 221 - Swedish hollow flag
Artwork 222 - Swedish white flag
Artwork 223: Pirihimana
Artwork 224: Toature
Artwork 225: Porihi
Artwork 226: New Zealand republican flag (study 5)
Artwork 227: New Zealand republican flag (study 6)