These are conceived as stand-alone artworks (as different from artworks pertaining to a series).

List of unique artworks

Artwork 075-077: Abstraction in red, blue and yellow
Artwork 079-081: Primary reds, yellows and blues
Artwork 082-084: Blue, red and yellow jewels
Artwork 085: Meeting of the waters
Artwork 086: FMG in Palmerston North
Artwork 089: The Manawatu river
Artwork 090: Cows by the Manawatu
Artwork 091-093: Mountains
Artwork 097: Fitzherbert Avenue in Palmerston North
Artwork 098: Window view
Artwork 099: Portrait of Chinese girl
Artwork 100: Maori and Pakeha
Artwork 101: Awatea Reserve
Artwork 102: The BNI 2008, Issue 1
Artwork 103: Chatting in the Victoria Esplanade
Artwork 104: Abstraction in orange
Artwork 105: Gregory Peck
Artwork 106: The guitarist
Artwork 107: Elaine's wedding
Artwork 108-109: Wind turbines
Artwork 110: Self-portrait with Tiffany
Artwork 111: Desire
Artwork 124-128: Orange arrangement (I to V)
Artwork 131: Earthly Tiffany with moko
Artwork 132-140: Red balance
Artwork 141: Madonna as a bride
Artwork 142: Lilly's Buddha
Artwork 143-153: Urban glyphs of New Zealand
Artwork 154: St Joseph and child (sketch)
Artwork 155: The secret
Artwork 156: Two friends
Artwork 160: Self-portrait (after Ingres's)
Artwork 161: Portrait of a Thai girl
Artwork 162: Eating pizza
Artwork 163: Camouflaged
Artwork 168: Lampposts at night
Artwork 169: Mona Luo (after Da Vinci)
Artwork 170: Dr. Andrew Woods
Artwork 171-173: Evening flight
Artwork 174-176: Outflying the storm
Artwork 177: Daffodils
Artwork 178-180: Blue butterfly
Artwork 184: Tranzit colours
Artwork 185: Works end
Artwork 191-192: Tino Rangatiratanga spirit
Artwork 193: Māori warrior
Artwork 194: Moko
Artwork 195: Poi dance
Artwork 196-197: Self-portrait in plain white / grey
Artwork 198: Commemoration of the opening of the Spanish embassy in New Zealand
Artwork 199: Hongi
Artwork 208: AotearoaNewZealand
Artwork 209: New Zealand territories
Artwork 210: Self-portrait at a door
Artwork 217-218: Self-abstraction in blue
Artwork 228: He tangata
Artwork 229: It is people