This theme depicts art where white is the predominant tone. The basic "whites" are the white of the support (i.e. no painted support), washes (very diluted hues allowing for optical mixing between the original hue and the white support), and tints (i.e. coloured hues mixed with PW6, titanium white). I rarely use titanium white on its own in my artworks.

Paints most favoured Relative use1 Notes
No paint frequently My favourite "white", that of the canvas or support.
All paints applied as a tint or wash medium
PW6 - titanium white medium For correcting mistakes, whiting out whole areas when necessary, as well as for creating tints.

List of whites artworks

Artwork 072: Don Quijote (EGC) - Parte I
Artwork 073: Don Quixote (KME) - Volume I
Artwork 074: KME "The Southwest Airlines Way"
Artwork 089: The Manawatu river
Artwork 094: The BNI 2007, Issue 1
Artwork 095: Journal KAI 2007, Issue 1
Artwork 097: Fitzherbert Avenue in Palmerston North
Artwork 107: Elaine's wedding
Artwork 108-109: Wind turbines
Artwork 141: Madonna as a bride
Artwork 156: Two friends
Artwork 157: Darks and white (I)
Artwork 158: Darks and white (II)
Artwork 159: Darks and white (III)
Artwork 161: Portrait of a Thai girl
Artwork 174-176: Outflying the storm
Artwork 186: A pattern of blue, orange and white (study 1)
Artwork 187: A pattern of blue, orange and white (study 2)
Artwork 188: A pattern of blue, orange and white (study 3)
Artwork 190: Māori tiles
Artwork 191-192: Tino Rangatiratanga spirit
Artwork 193: Māori warrior
Artwork 194: Moko
Artwork 195: Poi dance
Artwork 196-197: Self-portrait in plain white / grey
Artwork 199: Hongi
Artwork 200: New Zealand republican flag (study 1)
Artwork 201: New Zealand republican flag (study 2)
Artwork 202: New Zealand republican flag (study 3)
Artwork 205: Aotearoatanga white flag
Artwork 206: Aotearoatanga hollow flag
Artwork 208: AotearoaNewZealand
Artwork 209: New Zealand territories
Artwork 219 - U.S.A.'s hollow flag
Artwork 220 - U.S.A.'s white flag
Artwork 221 - Swedish hollow flag
Artwork 222 - Swedish white flag
Artwork 223: Pirihimana
Artwork 224: Toature
Artwork 225: Porihi
Artwork 226: New Zealand republican flag (study 5)
Artwork 227: New Zealand republican flag (study 6)