Azo compound pigments

Azo compound pigments have two nitrogen molecules in their chemical core. Azo compounds have vivid colors, especially in the yellow to red spectrum. They are excellent as dyes. Azo pigments are made by dyeing colorless particles (typically earths or clays) with azo dyes.

Azo pigments are bright and opaque. They also tend to be lightfast, although lightfastness depends not only on the properties of the organic azo compound, but also on the way they have been adsorbed on the pigment carrier.

List of azo compound pigments and Winsor & Newton's paints

Azo compound pigment Single-pigment paints Lightfastness Transparency Series
PY3 - arylamide lemon yellow II ST 2
PY150 - nickel azo complex nickel azo I T 3
PY74 - arylamide azo yellow medium I ST 2
PY65 - arylide yellow RN azo yellow deep I ST 2


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