To sell art, know your market

QUADRANT RESEARCH SERVICES (1997). To sell art, know your market. A survey of visual art and fine craft buyers. Australia Council for the Arts (New South Wales, Australia), 1997. ISBN 1862571406.

This are the results of a small survey done in Australia. The survey is rather focused on the population of art buyers, rather thant he population in general. Also, the survey is especific to Australia, and it may have been biased towards Australian art rather than surveying international art, in general.

The most useful information could be the following:

  • Demographics indicate that most art buyers are in the age group between 18 and 35 years old.
  • Visual art buyers also tend to engage with other art events frequently, such as going to the cinema and theathre, visit public art galleries, as well as craft art shops which also sell art.