Quinacridone pigments

Quinacridone pigments are a family of synthetic pigments bearing the same chemical formula. The range of possible colours ranges from oranges and reds, to magentas and purples.

Quinacridone pigments are brilliantly coloured and transparent, and have good permanence (lightfastness) and tinting power.

List of quinacridone pigments and Winsor & Newton's paints

Quinacridone pigment Single-pigment paints Lightfastness Transparency Series
PR209 - quinacridone quinacridone red I T 3
PV19 - quinacridone permanent rose, quinacridone magenta I T 3
PR122 - quinacridone quinacridone violet I T 3
PR206 - quinacridone quinacridone burnt orange I T 3


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